SQL homework

SQL homework

CMIS 420

Week 1

Homework 1


Write appropriate SQL DDL statements for declaring the LIBRARY relational database schema below. Specify the keys, the referential integrity, and the check constraints that may apply. Use SQL DML statements to populate the database with 5 rows in each table, and then implement the following requests:

  1. List the books published by a given publisher (specified by name) in alphabetical order of their titles
  2. List all the borrowers living in Baltimore in descending order of their phone numbers
  3. List the books with a title starting or ending with the letter ‘A’

Submit the SQL statements as a text file (Notepad) following the document naming convention FirstnameLastnameHW1.txt. 

Grading: this homework is awarded 100 points (40 points for creating the tables with all the required constraints, 30 points for populating the tables correctly, and 10 points for each of the 3 requests).





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