The Brief: When American Pretzel shop chain Auntie Anne’s

The Brief:When American Pretzel shop chain Auntie Anne’s set foot in Singapore, it grew to 8 locationsislandwide. Founded in Downingtown, Pennsylvania (USA), in 1988 by Anne F. Beiler, thebrand has been in Singapore since 1996.Auntie Anne’s offers golden brown pretzels and hand-squeezed, delicious fresh lemonade inbold, fruity flavours.Sadly, the brand has closed a few outlets in the last 2 years citing stiff competition and a poorpretzel eating culture in Singapore. The current number of stores standing are only 3. Othertrends such as yogurts and bubble tea seem to have risen to the top of consumers’preferences.With reference to academic theories and models, tap on relevant case examples to illustrateyour answer in a report format.The submission must address the following tasks:1. Using the Corporate Communications Mix (PR, Sponsorship and Media Classes),plan a campaign for Aunty Anne’s to rebrand and rebuild its market share2. Identify all the key stakeholders and explain how they will be impacted by thecampaign3. Your campaign should detail a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to support thereputation building for the company.4. You should also discuss how the returns of the campaign may be measuredInclude a list of References and BibliographyYou must include a range of research in all answers, this may include relevant concepts andtheories from text books, journal articles, websites, market research databases such asMintel, company or industry sources. Reference research using CU Harvard style.Learning Outcomes Assessed:1. Define the factors and linkages which impact corporate reputation and showcase therole of good campaigns in supporting brand building and image.2. Profile the role of Corporate Social Responsibility in standing out against competition3. Understand the importance of measuring market sentiments and assess a brand’sstanding in the marketplace.Assessment Criteria and Marking Scheme:Structure 10%Content is organised and appropriate; is coherent; information flows from one section to thenext, clear arguments and conceptsKnowledge and Understanding 20%Awareness of the key factors impacting corporate reputations and the development ofcorporate brands as well as providing appropriate examplesApplication 30%Application of theory and practical examples given are appropriate to the context and thechosen brands given as examples. Explains and draws on appropriate theories, models andrelevant literature to demonstrate depth and breadth of reading to address the taskAnalysis and Recommendations 30%Analysis of the literature and evaluation of the information has been used to synthesise ideas,justify key points and to support conclusionsPresentation 10%Spelling, punctuation, grammar, layout, accurate CU Harvard Referencing style, professionalwriting styleSubmission information: 10th June 2018 1700hoursThis assignment must be submitted via the module web to Moodle and Turnitin by the abovedeadline. Hardcopies must be submitted in class.Please note:1. Please note that work submitted late (where an extension/deferral has not beengranted) will automatically attract a result of 0%. This will count as a failed attemptand may result in you failing the module overall. The maximum module mark that canbe awarded for resit work is 40%.2. Extensions will be in accordance with University and Faculty policy.Students MUST keep copies (electronic file) of their assignment.The electronic version of your assignment may be used to enable checks to be made usinganti-plagiarism software and approved plagiarism checking websites.Any penalties for not complying with word limits will be in accordance with University andFaculty policy.Marking SchemeA copy of the marking scheme is shown on page one of this coursework brief.PLAGIARISM WARNING! – Assignments should not be copied in part or in whole from anyother source, except for any marked up quotations, that clearly distinguish what has beenquoted from your own work. All references used must be given, and the specific page numberused should also be given for any direct quotations, which should be in inverted commas.Students found copying from the internet or other sources will get zero marks and may beexcluded from the university.Note:Please make sure that your ID number and the module number appear on the actualcoursework assignment

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