The dearth of disease surveillance in developing nations is

The dearth of disease surveillance in developing nations is an immediate opportunity for public health professionals to improve the health of underserved populations. As presented in the Chapter of your course text, implementing disease surveillance in developing nations requires that public health professionals acclimate to the variety of unique obstacles in each country. From insufficient lab diagnostics to a lack of personnel with necessary professional skills, there are many potential challenges to establishing surveillance systems in developing nations
To complete this portion of your Scholar-Practitioner project, write a 3-page paper that provides an overview of your selected country and disease (H.I.V/AIDS)
Be sure to address the following: include SUBHEADINGS)

1)Describe the condition/disease and the developing country.
2)Describe the current monitoring procedures used in the developing country.
3)Provide a rationale as to why the country would greatly benefit from a disease surveillance system.
4)Describe two additional special features that should be a part of surveillance systems in your chosen country.
5)Describe challenges public health officials face in establishing disease surveillance systems in this country.
6) Describe how you would address these challenges.

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