The NSQHS Standards (2017) have been developed as a

1000 words Purpose: The NSQHS Standards (2017) have been developed as a framework to promote quality and safety of health care in Australia. As a Registered Nurse you will be required to reflect on past nursing clinical experiences in order to improve practice and understanding relating to patient safety. Assessment Task: Critically reflect on relevant clinical nursing experience/s from your Bachelor of Nursing practicum. Relate the significance of this experiential learning to TWO of the NSQHS standards. Produce a written reflection that demonstrates critical reflection considering these standards and your experience/s. Ensure your discussion is supported with evidence-based literature. The NSQHS Standards can be found here: Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. (2017). National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (2nd ed.). Sydney: ACSQHC. Retrieved from and 04/National-Safety-and-Quality-Health-Service-Standardssecond-edition.pdf (PDF version)Also need references (10 credible references from journal articles) APA style

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