The relationships in the family Module 5 – Discussion

The relationships in the family
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Holden is having an affair with Lilly while his wife Angel is undergoing because she had been sexually molested by her father, who was shot and killed by Kalib, Holden’s brother. In the meantime Darryl is having an affair with Francine while he and his wife, Carol, are arranging to have a child through a surrogate mother. Francine’s sister Sabrina has run off with Antonio, an apparent drug dealer who has shot Bob, the sister’s father.
You find the above plot in a popular American soap opera. Post your thoughts on this plot while focusing on the following questions:
What are the (kin links) the members of this family (or families) represent? Can you identify them by using the appropriate kinship terminology you have learned in this module? (Remember, the ego is not given in this plot so you do not have to trace genealogy in relation to one relative. However, you can still identify the relationships the members of these families share).
Does this plot offer glimpses to the vicissitudes of family in the U. S. or in the rapidly globalizing world today? Why or why not? Give your reasons.
(Reflect a moment on the answer you just gave to the above prompt question and answer the following): In your view, what was the most influential factor(s) to your reasoning (e.g. personal experiences, moral/ethical factors, economics, cultural factors, and so on). Added to cart

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