The results of practical research in term paper

The results of practical research in term paper

The most important part of the coursework is the term paper conducted in its second part. The research results are considered to be specific figures, indicators and values ​​that have been tested in practice and should be described.

Classification of research results

Let’s consider several options at once according to which the results can be divided:

  • Premeditation (planning): unplanned or planned;
  • Their quality: negative or positive;
  • Fixing time: current, intermediate and final;
  • Their degree of significance: insignificant or significant;
  • The degree of dependence on the subject: indirect or direct, indirect and direct;
  • Compliance with the set goals: partial or full compliance with the goals and objectives

Correlate your own results with all the classifications indicated.

Conclusions and findings from the case study: what is the difference

term paperDo not confuse the results of the study with the conclusions of it. The first are aim and are located in the practical part, and the second are subjective and are in the final part.

Results are indicators, facts and values ​​recorded by the author during the study. Conclusions are his own judgments and reflections, an attempt to explain the results.

The results can influence the conclusions, change them. As an example of this statement, we will give one of the fragments of the coursework, through which you can see how the results in the form of studying articles influenced the final conclusions.

How to analyze results

There are two conditions that must be met when reporting results:

  • Compare obtained results with those already available in scientific sources;
  • Mention not only the final results, but also intermediate ones.

The methods of analysis are diverse and their choice depends on the discipline in which the research is conducted:

  • Statistical methods;
  • Factorial, variance and correlation analysis, which contribute to better hypothesis testing;
  • Correlations found between the studied variables and their description.

Also, whole programs are used for analysis: for example, Statistics, SPSS or Vortex, which help to process a large amount of massive field research data. But for student papers like term papers or diploma papers, Excel will be enough.

Practical significance of the results of term paper

term paperThe introduction indicates both the theoretical and practical significance of the study. But now we will consider the second, which is the answer to the question of how the results obtained can be used in practice.

It is logical that the degree of a practical degree increases the very success of the work and its value. Describe it as and as possible, but at the same time. Be sure to identify the industry for which the application of the results will be particularly relevant, and provide compelling evidence and arguments demonstrating the benefits of your specific research findings.

One of the most effective and popular ways to do this is a comparative analysis of the situation in the “before and after” mode of applying your methods.

How to describe case study results

Diagrams, graphs, tables, and diagrams help to better describe the results. It is with their help that information is transmitted as, indicative and concise as possible.

All this is described and included in the course of the practical part, except for too voluminous graphic materials that go into the appendix. Let’s consider how to arrange everything.

How to arrange a table on a term paper

Before including the table, we state its name, along with the serial number and alignment to the right. Among the wishes and requirements:

  • Compactness of tables (prefer several small to one large);
  • Lines, columns and their names – to make them short and concise, avoiding abbreviations;
  • In one cell of the table – one number, there should not be empty cells.

If there are some notes in the table, write them in a font that will be 1 or 2 values ​​smaller in size.

How to arrange graphic materials on a term paper

Let’s list the details that are important when adding illustrations to the text of the work:

  • The presence of a signature with a sign of the serial number located at the bottom;
  • Center alignment of both signature and picture;
  • Obligatory presence of symbols;
  • Location under the material itself of the names of diagrams, graphs and other images;
  • Constant sign of the names of the semantic axes and units of measurement;
  • Placing questionnaires, questionnaires and pictures of subjects in the application due to the large volume of text.

Never underestimate the importance of analyzing and describing research results. Without this, all work immediately loses its meaning and loses its logical conclusion.


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