The yellow wallpaper and selected poems After completing the

The yellow wallpaper and selected poemsAfter completing the assigned readings, compose at least a 2-page, double-spaced response about your interpretation of the short story and selected poems. (Note: Please make sure you meet the length requirement. Do not include the prompt in your response; additionally, your heading information does not count toward the response length.) Here are some questions to consider: How did each story or poem make you feel? What stood out to you about each story or poem? What was the main point of each? What were some memorable lines from each story or poem? Were there any significant events or themes that made you think about experiences you’ve had? Were there any particularly sympathetic characters in the stories? Did you connect more with the story or with the poetry? Both? What can these selections tell us about the difficulties of the human experience? Can a certain literary theory be applied to these stories? If so, which one(s)? What does such an application of theory offer? How did the original “The Yellow Wallpaper” story compare to the film adaptation we viewed last week? Give specific examples to support your thoughts. Bring a draft, copy, summary, or notes of your response to class, as it will be used during discussion. Additionally, everyone should have at least one question or comment about the story to contribute to discussion. required readings: “The Yellow Wallpaper” “Metaphors” “Her Kind” “No Immediate Cause”…………….Answer Preview……………
The yellow wallpaper
            This story makes me feel bad as it reveals the hardships women go through in order to preserve the image of their marriages. The title of the story is an indication that it is something that affects the narrator directly which she must interpret. For instance, the paper seems unpleasant and formless in the beginning but as the narrator observes it carefully, she notes that there are some regular patterns that are only visible when it is exposed to light. In this story, the wife is suffering in order to protect the image of her marriage in the eyes of the public. This story shows the state in which the society puts women in. According to Gilman, women…………….APA655 Words Added to cart

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