ThinkBig Inc. has been known for its excellent customer

ThinkBig Inc. has been known for its excellent customer service since its start more than 40 years ago. The founder of the company believes that it is because of the dedicated efforts of his employees. The company boasts of carefully selected employees who, through various tests, are hired based on their skills and their ability to contribute to the organization. The organization has benefited greatly because of its process of selecting employees, which, in turn, has resulted in customer loyalty to the services it provides. Rival companies have envied the type of selection methods the company has used to hire candidates. Which of the following would undermine the recruitment efforts of this company?
Multiple Choice
ThinkBig Inc. is not recognized as providing the best customer service.
Customers feel that there is no room for improvement in terms of service provided by ThinkBig Inc.
High performers in the company find it difficult to refer their friends to open vacancies in the company.
Other companies have adopted the same style of recruiting employees as ThinkBig Inc.
ThinkBig Inc. begins hiring employees without thoroughly assessing their skills and knowledge.

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