To develop participations skills in self education, self

Outline:A construction procurement problem should be investigated in the form of a case study oroptimization study. The economic viability of various solutions should be carefully considered,and local application of new techniques should be carefully taken into account. The plannedinvestigation must be approved and final report submitted. The main finding should bepresented to the class as to a professional audience, with good visual aids. Finally a technicalreport is to be submitted, as from a consultant to a client.Generalx This subject is to be based on construction procurement and management areas.x Assessment is to be based on Project Report (70%) and Presentation (30%).General Aim:-x To investigate the procurement techniques or methods used in a variety of engineeringand supply chain projects.x To inspect local engineering works under construction or procurement of supply chainprojects.x To develop participations skills in self education, self expression, self discipline andinterpersonal relationships.

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