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Congratulations! You have been elected to the Kaplanville Town Council’s Steering Committee on Infrastructure and Energy. Kaplanville wants to make a name for itself as a premier city for renewable and alternative energy choices. As a member of this committee, you are responsible for researching the exciting new world of alternative fuel for vehicles. Through this exploratory committee, you will decide on your top choice for an alternative fuel station to construct in Kaplanville.

Do some research to learn more about alternative fuels:
Source: Fuel economy. (2012). Retrieved from
Source: Alternative fuels data center. (2012). Retrieved from
Use your research to complete the following three components to this unit’s discussion:

Post at least one pro and one con for at least three of the following alternative fuel sources: (Note: to maximize your learning, please try not to repeat the information that was previously shared by your classmates).

Natural gas

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