Week 2 Project: assignment writing and pronunciation

Week 2 Project: assignment writing and pronunciation assignment. Please note this assignment is NOT to be written as patient case studies like in our discussion forum assignments, but is a medical department report where you tell me about the medical department with at least 10 diseases or disorders per department, at least 3 different medical tests used to diagnose patients, and at least 3 different medical procedures used to treat patients. READ the directions for the assignment and grading rubric very carefully. Remember that half of the assignment points are for the audio recording of the report as well, so you must also record your report by speaking into a recording device and submit it the assignment dropbox as well.
Please look at the writing and pronunciation assignment advice/example I posted under announcements and emailed as well, so you do not have to revise the assignment.PLEASE REFER to the following “EXAMPLE” to help give you an idea of how to write the descriptions of the other Medical departments. PEDIATRIC CARE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT REPORT:
The pediatric department attends to mostly ambulatory patients. Our most common cases involve asthma, influenza, otitis media, constipation, appendicitis, and allergic rhinitis, in addition to various trauma cases mostly involving fractures such as simple fractures, complex fractures, and spiral fractures. Our physicians perform surgical procedures such as tonsillectomies, inguinal herniorrhaphy (inguinal hernia repairs), and appendectomies. For fractured bones, our surgeons perform surgical procedures such as external fixation, open reduction and internal fixation.
In the diagnosis of trauma cases we utilize our new CT scan and MRI facility, and we have recently added capacity to perform PET scans, which we use effectively to diagnose various early onset pediatric oncology cases such as osteoblastomas, and osteochondromas. A speciality group is being formed to diagnose and treat pediatric cardiology cases to include children with cardiac disorders such as congenital heart failure, cardiac valve abnormalities, ventricular septal defect, hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and tetralogy of fallot. Some of the cardiac tests utilized to diagnose these cardiovascular disorders are ECG, echocardiogram, cardiac stress test, coronary angiography and cardiac catheterization. Recently, our pediatric department identified a chronic lead poisoning case that presented only with lead colic. It was quickly recognized by our physicians who utilized the laboratory staff, who examined the patient’s blood sample in doing a complete blood count CBC and identified the stippled red blood cells, pathognomonic of lead poisoning.
References should be listed at the end of the assignment, even our book reference, and references should be cited too in APA format with author’s last names and year like this at the end of the sentences (Little, 2017).
Also, read the grading rubric and instructions first on this assignment! Please do not submit discussion forum posts of your patient case studies for this assignment as it is not acceptable because this is a separately graded assignment.

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