week 4 summary marketing

Weekly summary

About what you have learned this week using the marketing paper and team assignment from this week and the following questions



1How will the distribution channels differ for an organization that primarily provides a service from one that produces a tangible good? What similarities will exist? What examples can you provide from your own experiences and your readings to illustrate these differences and similarities?


2 integrated Marketing Communications are the practice of developing a message that will combine the strengths of several different tactics across numerous media to ensure that maximum market penetration is achieved. This can include, but is not limited to, coordinated campaigns consisting of advertising, public relations, direct selling, product demonstrations, trade shows, and sales promotions like coupons and volume discounts.



How can we utilize and incorporate all of the marketing information available to us as an organization (including research, sales history, knowledge of distribution channels, and pricing strategies) to develop an Integrated Communications campaign? How can such a campaign invoke an emotional response with the target market, lower the market’s sales resistance, and persuade the market to purchase the product? Be sure to include examples from your own experiences and/or the readings to provide support for your answers.

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