What are the impacts of economic inequalities on the

Week 3 Discussion
This is how the discussion this week is going to work:  there are two sets of questions.  YOU NEED TO CHOOSE JUST ONE SET.  Each set can be chosen by NO MORE THAN 7 students.  In other words, if the first 7 students who posted their answers chose Set #1, and you’re the 8th student to post, you can only answer Set #2.  First come-first served basis.
In addition, you need to respond to 2 answers from your peers in a thoughtful and analytical way.  However (here comes the catch), you MUST respond to the answers from the set you DID NOT choose to answer.  In other words, if you answered Set #1, you must comment on the answers from Set #2.
Please make sure to read the assigned readings we used until now, Sections I, II, and III of the Readings for Diversity and Social Justice.  After you have gone through the material, please answer ONE of the following sets of questions in a well-structured and comprehensive answer. Please make sure to address ALL parts of the question.
Your answers should be at least 700 words (total for all parts of the question), and include at least 2 sources in addition to the textbook.  The suggestions for additional sources can be found in the textbook; you can also include news sources.
Remember:  any information and ideas that do not come directly from your head MUST BE CITED in text and the full citations must be provided at the end of your answer.  You need to cite the text book and any additional source you use.
After you finished composing your answer, please read through the answers of your peers.  Please write a thoughtful response to more than TWO posts from your peers–FROM THE OTHER SET.  Please make sure to support your arguments with evidence in your own post, as well as responses to your peers.  Each of your responses should be at least 150 words in length.
Again, I suggest you compose your answers first in Word and then past them into the discussion.
The main answers are due on Thursday by 11:59pm.  Responses are due on Saturday by 11:59pm.
Set #1: In constructing your answers, please draw from Section III readings.
1.  First, what emotions do the individual stories evoke in you as a member of the US society (Please choose at least 3 stories from the Voices section)?  Secondly, what thoughts come to your head when you look at the degree of inequality in the society in general?  Hint:  you need to look at those questions from an individual and societal perspectives.
2. Now, let’s get more analytical:  in what manners is the socioeconomic oppression carried out and perpetuated in the individual cases you see in the readings?
3. How do individuals resist and/or get empowered from these types of oppression?
4.  What are the impacts of economic inequalities on the societies?
5.  Build your own argument and support it: how can we as a society change the patterns of oppression that cause the socioeconomic inequalities?  Secondly, what can you as a member of this society do to contribute to the change?  Hint:  be analytical, specific, and support your arguments with sources and empirical evidence.

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