What are your thoughts Strategic planning in health care

What are your thoughts
Strategic planning in health care organizations involves outlining the actionable steps needed to reach specific goals (Regis College, 2019). There are different strategy types and levels, the purpose of all strategies is to bring an organization’s actions into alignment with its stated mission or values. Today, health care providers require more patient-centric, value-based approaches, whereas many of their current systems follow older, more traditional strategy models (Regis College, 2019).
You may not be able to control the future, but strategic planning can create a direction for your practice and maximize your options for influencing your environment.” Strategic planning in health care organizations entails taking proactive steps toward a goal, not just addressing immediate problems as they arise. Health care strategy is crucial to an organization’s future success by providing the framework for making day-to-day choices in alignment with its objectives (Regis College, 2019). Organizations have to arise to the occasion and develop strategies that will drive the organization in achieving the set goals and objectives as per the vision and mission of the organization (Kiptoo, & Mwirigi, 2014).

Factors that affect future planning of an organizations, including budgeting, level of staff expertise, levels of care provided, and time (Whitney, n.d). A SWOT analysis is an effective planning tool that can identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to a project, institution, or organization (Whitney, n.d).

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