What is one example of a “positive feedback” cycle with

5) What is the target climate increase (one of the two numbers discussed, in Co)?
n6) About how much CO2 can we release to stay below this (in G)?
n7) About how much CO2 do we have available (in G)?
¨1-2) Besides CO2, what are two other examples of “greenhouse gases?” (2 words max)
¨2) What is one example of a “positive feedback” cycle with respect to warming? (2 words max)
¨3) Where does carbon go when it leaves the atmosphere (i.e. one example of a sink?) (2 words max)
¨4) Besides temperature change, what is one effect of the future of increasing CO2 levels? (2 words max)
¨5) From the documentary, what is one solution they propose? (2 words max)
Tragedy of the Commons
¨1) Freedom to ______ is intolerable according to Hardin?
¨2) What does Hardin say about appeals to conscience, guilt, or a system of voluntary taxation? (three words max)
¨3) What “bad ‘C’ word” is associated with the solution to the Tragedy of the Commons? (1 word exactly)
¨4) What does he think of technical solutions to the tragedy of the commons? (three words max)
n“Merchants of Doubt” Documentary
¨5) Name one industry discussed in the Merchants of Doubt documentary as having paved the way for the Big Oil Playbook.
nCred guide
6) Scientific u________ stems from the value of skepticism, but may confuse listeners and cause discomfort
¨7) From the “Ikea box” talk, Hans Rosling argues that c______ s_____ is the new green.
¨8) From the “Washing Machine” talk, how many people live above the “air line” today? (one number)
¨9) How many will live above the airline in 2050? (one number)
¨10) What are the two ways that the “Washing Machine” talk argues we must lower carbon emissions?
n2a ) People should become more e_____ e_____
n2b ) We should produce more g______ e______
¨11) What comes out of the washing machine at the end?
¨12) Melinda Gates argues that contraception is a separate issue than sexual p________.
¨13) Which is one of few continents on earth that does not have access to contraceptive technologies?
n1) Michael Pollan finds that most of what we eat can be traced back to what crop? (one word)
n2) What is the subject of “Kevin’s Law?“ (two words max)
n3) Who does “Food Inc.” say are the majority of the workers in the meat packing industry? (two words max)
n4) In the documentary, what company prosecutes the individual who helps farmers clean their seeds? (company name)
n5) In what sector do many of the executives of this same company end up after leaving this company? (one word)
n6) What company is the largest distributor of organic foods (distributor of Stonyfield, for example)?

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