What techniques are helpful to incorporate in assessing a

Read the case study below and respond to two of the questions below. Make sure you respond to a classmate as well, before the week ends.Katherine Trembly is a 67-year-old woman who presents to the neurologist’s office after referral from her PCP (primary care provider) for a seizure.Subjective DataPMH: Seizure, hypertension, anxietyRetired book keeperC/o being “tired”Periods of unresponsiveness to verbal stimuliObjective DataVital signs: T 37 degrees Centigrade, P 80, R 18, BP 174/84Lungs: clearO2 Sat = 98%Heart rate regular, + peripheral pulsesWhat other questions should the nurse ask?What techniques are helpful to incorporate in assessing a patient in this age group?What are some of the more common conditions that may cause seizure activity in this age group?What diagnostic tools will the physician use to diagnose this condition?What should be included in the plan of care?

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