Write a brief response to the letter (of about 1-2

Read the following letter to the editor, in which there is an argument:
The University of Illinois and the City of Urbana recently decided to lower the speed limit on Lincoln Avenue between Pennsylvania and Nevada to protect the students who struggle to use responsible caution or to look up from their phones before they step out into the street in front of moving vehicles.
Again, these young adults are pandered to instead of being encouraged to be more responsible, under the guise of keeping them safe. Perhaps a more proactive and valuable action would be what has happened in many university towns: Make it illegal to be using any form of distraction while crossing the street by issuing a moving violation ticket.
I think this would be a better lesson to them than making the motorists responsible.
(http://www.news-gazette.com/opinion/letters-the-editor/2018-08-12/letter-the-editor-young-adults-must-be-more-responsible.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)
Write a brief response to the letter (of about 1-2 paragraphs) in which you assess the merits of the author’s argument. Make sure you explain whether you think the author’s argument is good or not, and why.

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