Writing Assignment

Writing Assignment

By Saturday, November 1, 2014, respond to the Discussion Assignment. Post your response to the Discussion Area. Your answer should:

  • Provide detailed evidence, including excerpts from the literary text.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the themes, genres, cultures, time periods, and texts that are this week’s focus.
  • Apply APA style guidelines to the source material.

By Wednesday, November 5, 2014, review and comment on at least two of your classmates’ answers. Your responses should be substantive, which means that you should provide a significant level of detail in your reply and show active engagement by referencing the readings, drawing on your own experiences, giving your opinions, respectfully disagreeing where appropriate, or asking questions designed to generate further discussion on the material and its implications outside the realm of the question.



Sappho and Murasaki Shikibu represent the first two female authors we have encountered in this course. In your Week 1 paper, you were asked to consider how gender is portrayed in The Odyssey. Additionally, in our Week 2 reading of Antigone, gender roles played a pivotal part in the conflict between Creon and the daughter of Oedipus. Selecting either the poems of Sappho or The Tale of Genji, offer a discussion of how either author portrays or defines the cultural roles of men and women. How does this understanding of gender differ from the works of the ancient Greek writers we have read?

Remember that your claims in all parts of the assignment should be substantiated by excerpts from appropriate sources (scholarly research and/or literary texts). Quotes, paraphrases, and summaries used in the assignment should be arranged according to APA rules of style, and in-text and reference citations should be provided, also formatted in APA style. Quoted material should not exceed 25% of the post. Submit the final document in the Discussion Area.


Hello Class~ Now that you have read Week 3’s reading assignments and have taken notes for this assignment, you will write approximately 3-4 double spaced paragraphs wherein you develop a cohesive response to Parts A & B. 

If you have not read all of the Course Home lecture notes under Course Home, please do not complete this assignment until you have done so.  I want you to especially view Week 3: Assignment 1’s grading criteria before taking on this assignment. Download the grading criteria, so you will see how I will grade you each week. Most students do not bother to look at it until I have graded their assignment. However, this causes them to lose countless points. Also, I suggest that you respond to at least 4 peers and me on different days. Thanks.

 · Double space your paragraphs. You may want to first type it in MS Word, Arial or Times New Roman font size 12, hit CTRL2 to double space it. Then, highlight the paragraph. Copy and paste it into the discussion area. This will double space your work and meet APA Style guidelines. 

· Support your work with formatted APA Style in-text citations, which contain signal phrases. Did you read all of the reading notes? See Course Home notes for examples. Use a combination of summaries, paraphrases, and quotes.

· Transition within and between paragraphs by using transitions and/or diversifying sentence structure to make a smooth connection in the paragraph.

· Conclude the paragraph with a sentence that wraps up your ideas. 

· Remember to write your reference citation at the bottom of the page.

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