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Answer question


Employee engagement has become popular in HRM these days. Measuring it and determining whether a company’s employees are “engaged” are actually vendor services for which companies pay through the use of anonymous surveying tools. The science behind employee engagement is not yet perfected—there are many different ways that employers can help their employees get engaged! We’ll talk about this throughout the week and your professor will bring in additional questions and thoughts. To get started, please do this: Provide your definition of employee engagement. Support your definition using a citation from a website, the textbook, or a scholarly article from the DeVry Online Library. Give one example of how you have been engaged in a job in the past, and how your employer assisted you in being engaged. 


Good point — job satisfaction vs engagement…. why is it important to know the difference? Anyone?


We are in the HOME STRETCH! Do you believe that employees should retain the right to have secret ballot elections even if the union can show that a majority of employees publicly have sign authorization cards to have a secret ballot election? Meaning, if the union can show majority to just have an election, do we really have a need to actually HAVE the election?


Have unions outlived their usefulness? Why or why not?


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