How to write the theoretical part of the coursework?

How to write the theoretical part of the coursework?

theoretical part of the course workThe theoretical part of the coursework project traditionally consists of three parts: theoretical, analytical and a chapter with recommendations. It is very rare to see works of two or four sections where one chapter is split into two parts or analysis and recommendations are combined.

The writing of the theoretical part of the course work is performed at the very beginning, as is the abstract for the diploma. Sometimes students begin their work from this section, after completing the introduction that goes before the theoretical paragraphs.

The theoretical part of the coursework : what to write?

In order to understand how to write the theoretical part of the coursework, you should understand its contents. The theoretical part of the coursework consists of two to four items, sometimes broken down into sub-items. Due to the small size of a student project, this kind of breakdown is very rare.

The theoretical part of the course contains the main provisions that help to understand the essence of practical research, to organize its implementation. To write the part, one should analyze the interpretation of the main terms, the views of modern scientists on the essence of the phenomenon under study. We also recommend that you indicate your own thoughts, approaches to deciphering concepts, and provide a critical assessment of the positions of scientific schools and individual scientists.

theoretical part of the course workCoursework will not be complete without considering classifications, functions, principles of functioning. This makes it possible to fully understand why this phenomenon exists, how everything is implemented in practice. The classification indicates all the versatility of the object and the subject of analysis, allows you to look at them from different sides, revealing all kinds of features and patterns.

The theoretical part of the course work should contain all the methods of analysis used in the implementation of the analytical section. Therefore, it is necessary not only to analyze all the literature on this issue, but also to provide formulas that are planned to be used in calculations in the future.

If the object of study is closely related to the legal system, we recommend that you indicate the main regulatory and legal acts, describe the specifics of regulation. If necessary, it is worth paying attention to the evolution of legal regulation.

Another option for the content of the last paragraph of the theoretical chapters is a description of development trends, problems or world experience. This approach allows you to analyze the current state of affairs in an industry, economic sphere or social institution.

The theoretical part of the coursework : how to write?

The main principle of how to correctly write the theoretical part of the course is the requirement to indicate the sources of borrowing. It should be written without plagiarism, that is, ready-made student works of any type. To search for material, textbooks, monographs, dissertations, articles in specialized publications are used. All primary sources are described in the list of literature used by the student, which indicates the authors, titles, other data about the publication (year, publisher, number of pages, name of the scientific publication, type of source).

Quotations from the theoretical part of the coursework are made out using links or footnotes. To write a link, use square brackets, indicating the ordinal number of the original source in the list of literature, the page from which the quotation was borrowed. A special menu item “link” in a text editor will help you write a subscript link.

When submitting material, numbered lists, markers, tables, diagrams or graphs are used. This technique makes the perception of information easier, and the student’s analysis is visual.


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