1- Copper (II) oxalate (CuC2O4) is a sparingly soluble salt with Ksp=4.43×1010. Cupric ions (Cu2+) form a complex with excess oxalate ions in solution according to the following equation:


The Kf for this reaction is 1.7×1010. What is the molar solubility of CuC2O4 in a 0.10 M Na2C2O4 solution?


2-A solution is prepared that is 0.500 M cyanoacetic acid (

HC3H2NO2) and 0.500 M in sodium cyanoacetate (NaC3H2NO2). What is the final pH of the solution after 0.300 moles of NaOH are added? The (Ka) of cyanoacetic acid is (3.39×103). Assume the change in volume is negligible.

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