critique this paper two short paragraphs

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critique this paper two short paragraphs

Home Depot 10K statement





























The Home Depot, Inc. is the world’s largest home improvement retailer. The Home Depot stores sell a wide assortment of building materials, home improvement products and lawn and garden products and provide a number of services.


The Home Depot stores average approximately:


104,000 square feet of enclosed space,


24,000 additional square feet of outside garden area,


– 340,000 associates.


2,256 The Home Depot stores located throughout the United States including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the territories of the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam, Canada and Mexico.


The Home Depot, Inc. is a Delaware corporation that was incorporated in 1978. Store Support Center (corporate office) is located at 2455 Paces Ferry Road, N.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30339


Common Stock, $0.05 Par Value Per Share




The number of shares outstanding of the Registrant’s common stock as of March 11, 2013 was 1,485,517,485 shares.




















Income statement


                                                            2013                            2012


Net Sales –                                          74.8 Billion                 70.4 Billion


Cost of goods sold                             49 Billion                    46.1 Billion


Gross Profit                                       25.8 Billions                24.3 Billion




Key Data from Balance Sheet


Total current assets:                                                              41.083 mil


Total current liabilities:                                                        23.307 mil


Total assets and total stockholder’s equity (deficit):           41.084 mil




Statement of Stockholders’ Equity


Return on stockholder’s equity 17.0% for fiscal 2012 compared to 14.9% for fiscal 2011.

Earnings per share were $3.00 for fiscal 2012 compared to $2.47 for fiscal 2011




Statement of Cash Flows


$7.0 billion of cash flow.


They used this cash flow to fund $4.0 billion of share repurchases, pay $1.7 billion of dividends and fund $1.3 billion in capital expenditures.








2 years of Ratio Analysis




Gross Profit increased    6.5%


Net profit margin            34.6%


Times interest earned      5.4%


TAX RATE                            37.2%


Current ratio                  1.34:1


Debt to assets                  Total Debt 10,256  mil / Total Assets 41,084=24.96%


Quick ratio                      Not able to calculate it correctly since Home Depot is using third party to track and collect credit card programs


Inventory Turnover               4.5 x


Return on Investment Capital 17%


Total Debt-to-Equity                    60.7%



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