descriptive statistics

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descriptive statistics

Need at least 2 paragraphs for each question below. These questions are for a nursing class. APA style, WITH ONLY 1 in-text citation for each . Need completed assignment by 02/04/015 by 3 pm eastern time zone. I pay 10$ each question.  THank you.


Question # 1 (I will mail pdf with requiered article once we complete handshake)

Read the assigned research article for this week. Identify the descriptive statistics that are reported in the article. How can a nurse leader use descriptive statistics to justify a course of action? What descriptive statistics do you routinely use in your practice?


Question # 2:

explore these issues on the Internet and through other resources. Share what you find out on these topics:


  • Confidence Intervals: Why are they useful in helping to determine clinical significance?
  • There are many controversies surrounding the issue of clinical significance vs. statistical significance. Identify one of them and summarize it. Finish with your opinion about the controversy.

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