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For ProfessorStewartOnly!!!!!!!

To date in this course, you have looked at four different types of criteria that stakeholders utilize in the policy development process: the reaction of elected officials and staff; the reaction of nongovernment stakeholder groups; scientist stakeholder criteria; and economic criteria. For this Assignment, you will list, describe, and analyze each of these methods showing their application and results.

Write a 5−7 page paper explaining each method and demonstrating its use (with examples) for analyzing types of environmental policy issues involving multiple actors and stakeholders.

You should:

  • Define the 4 criteria and give examples of the types of questions that can best be addressed by each criterion.
  • Cite specific policy examples in which appropriate use of each criterion was, or could have been, made.
  • Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of the criteria and give your rationale for assigning the criteria’s attributes as strengths or as weaknesses.
  • Describe the ways in which each criterion is, or is not, useful in predicting results over time and how they can be used in evaluating effects on the various stakeholders.
  • Identify and describe specific situations in which multiple criteria might be used together and explain the role of each criteria in those mixed-methods situations.
  • Please use proper APA format to cite your sources.

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