Science paper essay

Science paper essay


Plan an Education Program

As a health educator, you will be required to prepare training on various topics geared towards specific audiences. In this project you will plan your training program based on a specific audience and a specific disease or condition.

You have two units to complete this project, as it is due at the end of Unit 6. Plan accordingly.

Unit 5/6 Project

Based on the specific community organization you chose in the Unit 3 project, identify your audience. Describe the characteristics of your audience (children, adult learners, elderly, professional, etc.), research learning principles based on your audience’s characteristics, and discuss how you will incorporate these principles most effectively. Choose the modality of your training (written material, slide presentation, video, audio, etc.). You may choose more than one type of training materials.

Give a brief overview of your selected disease or condition and identify current knowledge in diagnosis, risk, treatment, and preventive measures.

Prepare a 3-5 page paper based on the above requirements (not including title page and reference page) and list at least three scholarly references. Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference.

Your assignment should follow APA guidelines, and should include a title page and three references.

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