You are the new (joint) Occupational Health & Safety,

You are the new (joint) Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental and Asset Risk Manager for a logistics company employing around 600 drivers around Australia delivering bulk flammable and harmful chemicals to industries throughout the nation. On your first day of work, you have been informed that one of your (driver) employees has drowned in a nearby incident, where his vehicle has ended up in a nearby river; you rush to the scene (where you take the photograph seen in the course notes) during the emergency services’ recovery of the body. After showing the photograph to the President of the company – who knows that there has been a large release of oil into the river from the punctured and irreparably-damaged road container and prime mover – he tells you that he is about to meet the local Police, the Workplace Health & Safety and the Environmental Agency Inspectors for the first time to discuss the incident. He needs your briefing advice for this meeting and suggests that he “thinks throwing resources at this issue using a full project management approach may be best.” How would you respond? Justify your response.

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