two projects (2)



there are two easy ones but they are seperate assignments


TWO ASSIGNEMNTS= 1 paper + answering 4 questions

English paper AND 8 paragraphs to answer 4 questions


English paper + 8  paragraphs answering four questions  on a separate sheet 


Two different assignments::

1 ) English paper please see attachment week one English essay for rubric  850-1050 words paper with title pg and refrence page APA


2) Answer the four questions in two paragraphs each   THOROUGH and thought-out answer for each question below please use ENGLISH BOOK that is in the attachment    for in text ciatons and refrences 


.. please be thorough USE IN TEXT CIATIONS APA PLEASE 


please upload them separately when finish and indicate on the sheet what chapter u are refrencing  and then write the paragraphs(s)  for these questions



Questions: two paragraphs  each





for the questions you may use any relaible source as your choice


FOR THE PAPER … I need you to use the week one chapter attachment are as source in the paper with in text ciations


please use in text citations and apa style with refrences for paper and these questions 

and please use two seperate documents one of these paragraphs 

the other for the paper 


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